Friday, February 28, 2014

No time like the present...even if "the present" is two weeks behind!

Hello readers!

First blog post ever and all that! Exciting, woo! First Infinite... if you said, "sounds very Aleph" you would be correct. This blog was created waaaaay back when I started Infinity. Then apathy kicked in so it sat collecting dust for a few years. Fast forward to now, two weeks into my second WM/H Journeyman and I've decided to drink the blog kool-aid. That's my ultra-condensed story so onto some shop talking.

Transitioning from Retribution of Scyrah to Circle Orboros has been a challenege to say the least. Wrapping my mind around the fury mechanic and Hordes rule differences has been a learning experience. Continuing with pushing out of my comfort zone I've went with a list that has no ranged attacks beyond my warlock's spells. Thanks to Will Pagani I am giving Goat Girl a go!

    Warpwolf Stalker x2
Warpborn Skinwalkers Full
    Warpborn Alpha
Wolves of Orboros
    Wolves of Orboros Chieftain & Standard Bearer
Shifting Stones
    Stone Keeper
Shifting Stones
Wolf Lord Morraig
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

Two games in and I've discovered a number of things that I love and hate about Hordes in general and this Circle list in specific.

  • Fury
  • Light Cav Casters
  • Warbeasts
  • Movement Shenanigans (though I am currently terrible with them)
  • Fury
  • Warbeasts
  • No Ranged Attacks (seriously folks, ranged attacks are my wargaming crutch)
Let's call this first post done and I will leave you with some WIP pics of one of my Stalkers.

Catch you on the flip-side.